Library Coffee Shop: Expanded Seating Area

Hooray!  The seating area for the Library’s new coffee shop, Jazzman’s Cafe & Bakery, has now been expanded to the second half of the front lobby. Comfortable lounge chairs and tables now fill both sides of the front lobby. Bar stools and tables line the outer area. With the addition of the new furniture, our coffee shop is now complete and is one of the biggest I’ve ever seen. There is plenty of room to accomodate groups, individuals who want to stake out more private spaces, and tables where students, faculty, and staff can study and work on papers and projects.

Check out Jazzman’s Cafe & Bakery’s menu. They have also been serving soup and chili during these cold winter months.


Library Coffee Shop in Full Swing!

SDC12605Ah! How sweet coffee tastes! Lovelier than a thousand kisses, sweeter far than muscatel wine! -“Coffee Cantata”, J.S. Bach

The coffee shop appears to be a big hit with students, faculty, staff, and ME! I love Jazzman’s Cafe & Bakery, the new coffee shop in the Houston Cole Library. Karen, the lady in charge of setting up shop in the morning and my new favorite friend when I’m ready for my coffee, told me that business was really starting to take off.SDC12608

As I came in to work this morning, I thought I would stop and get a cup of coffee real quick, but there was a huge line of students. Later, I came down and got my usual (I already have a usual); a supreme-sized hazelnut coffee. It smells and tastes great. I have tried their blueberry and mocha cappuccino muffins which were to die for.  Today, I might try one of their sandwiches or salads for lunch.SDC12592

It’s great to see students discussing their classwork  or working on their laptops over cups of coffee and hot chocolate.  Since the coffee shop and bakery are in the lobby, the first thing our patrons now encounter is a pleasant, inviting smell. Who doesn’t like the smell of coffee and pastries?  Personally, I think coffee and research belong together.SDC12603SDC12609SDC12594SDC12599


Welcome Back: Fall Semester 2009!

coffeeWelcome back students and faculty! As you walk into the lobby of the library, you will now enjoy the smell of coffee and pastries. The library’s new coffee shop, Jazzman’s, will be up and running  just in in time for the new semester. This will be a great place to study, meet up with classmates or colleagues, and enjoy a snack or lunch.  See you at the library! coffee2SDC12594


Library Coffee Shop Progress: Week 5

jazzmans3Coffee falls into the stomach … ideas begin to move,
things remembered arrive at full gallop … the shafts
of wit start up like sharp-shooters, similies arise,
the paper is covered with ink …
– Honore de Balzac

jazzmans1Houston Cole Library’s new coffee shop is coming along. They’ve started setting up the main counter and bringing in cute little tables and bar stools. The tile floor has been installed on one side of the lobby and will soon be installed on the other side (see picture). Click here to access Jazzman’s Cafe & Bakery’s Web site and check out the menu. jazzmans2jazzmans4



Coming Soon to the Houston Cole Library: Coffee Shop Progress Week 2

      “Its amazing how the World begins to change through the eyes of a cup of coffee!!” ~ Donna Favors


Easels with floor plans of the library’s coffee shop are now being displayed in the lobby of the Houston Cole Library. The name of the coffee  shop is Jazzman’s Cafe & Bakery. Layout of the coffee shopSDC12361Carpet will be replaced by tile on both sides of the lobby


Click on the Jazzman’s poster to visit their Web!SDC12363

Coming Soon to the Houston Cole Library: A Coffee Shop/ Cafe!

coffeeeThere’s nothing like a cup of coffee as  motivation while doing scholarly research. Coffee, books, and research just seem to go together. Much to our excitement, students and faculty will soon (the estimated date of operation is fall semester) enjoy a full coffee shop/ cafe in the lobby of the Houston Cole Library. I’ve sort of seen a rough draft of the layout of the coffee shop and it’s going to be a great place to come for lunch, read, meet with your study partners, fellow faculty & staff members, and enjoy coffee, desserts, and sandwhiches. I will be taking weekly pictures of the progress this summer and posting them on the blog. This week they removed most of the furniture from the lobby (see below). The carpet will also be removed for tile flooring.  SDC12326SDC12325SDC12324