Celebrate Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month!

May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month! Locate the following children’s picture books celebrating the Asian-Pacific American experience. Some of the books teach cultural themes unique to Asian-Pacific culture. Other books are written by Asian-Pacific authors and/ or illustrators. 祝う

To learn more about Asian-Pacific Heritage month with teacher activity resources, explore the Asian-American Pacific Heritage Month Web site created by the Library of Congress.

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Books in the Houston Cole Library Juvenile Location (check the LIBRARY CATALOG for CallNumber & Availability):


The chiru of High Tibet : a true story / written by Jacqueline Briggs Martin ; illustrated by Linda Wingerter
Kubla Khan : the emperor of everything / by Kathleen Krull ; illustrated by Robert Byrd
Ling & Ting : not exactly the same! / by Grace Lin
My Mei Mei / Ed Young
Uncle Peter’s amazing Chinese wedding / written by Lenore Look ; illustrated by Yumi HeoUncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding
Fortune cookie fortunes / Grace Lin
Red is a dragon : a book of colors / written by Roseanne Thong ; illustrated by Grace Lin
Round is a mooncake : a book of shapes / written by Roseanne Thong ; illustrated by Grace Lin
Love as strong as ginger / by Lenore Look ; illustrated by Stephen T. Johnson
Chinatown / William Low
Chinese New Year’s dragon / by Rachel Sing ; illustrated by Shao Wei Liu
Sam and the lucky money / by Karen Chinn ; illustrated by Cornelius Van Wright, and Ying-Hwa Hu
My name is Yoon / Helen Recorvits ; pictures by Gabi Swiatkowska
Dear Juno / by Soyung Pak ; illustrated by Susan Kathleen Hartung
An American face / by Jan M. Czech ; illustrated by Frances ClancyThe-Khan-s-Daughter
Yunmi and Halmoni’s trip / by Sook Nyul Choi ; illustrated by Karen Dugan
Song Lee in Room 2B / by Suzy Kline ; illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz
Aekyung’s dream / written and illustrated by Min Paek ; translated into Korean by Min Paek
Tibetan tales from the top of the world / Naomi C. Rose ; translated into Tibetan by Tenzin Palsang
What the rat told me : a legend of the Chinese zodiac / Marie Sellier, Catherine Louis, Wang Fei
Asian kites / Wayne Hosking
All the way to Lhasa : a tale from Tibet / retelling & art by Barbara Helen Berger
Celebrating birthdays in China / by Cheryl L. Enderlein
The-Wakame-Gatherers-9781885008336The wakame gatherers / by Holly Thompson ; illustrated by Kazumi Wilds
Wabi Sabi / Mark Reibstein ; art by Ed Young
The East-West house : Noguchi’s childhood in Japan / Christy Hale
Grandfather’s journey / written and illustrated by Allen Say
Sachiko means happiness / written by Kimiko Sakai ; illustrated by Tomie Arai
Manjiro : the boy who risked his life for two countries / Emily Arnold Mccully
Kamishibai man / written and illustrated by Allen Say
Kids draw anime / Christopher Hart
Hokusai : the man who painted a mountain / Deborah Kogan Ray
Tea with milk / Allen Say
Cora cooks pancit / written by Dorina Lazo Gilmore ; illustrated by Kristi ValiantCoraCooksPancit
Mohala Mai ʻo Hau = How Hau became Hauʻula / moʻolelo na = story by Robert Lono ʻIkuwā ; kiʻna = pictures by Matthew Kāwika Ortiz
Mikale of Hawaii / by Maya Angelou ; illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell
Duck for turkey day / Jacqueline Jules ; illustrated by Kathyrn Mitter
Hoang breaks the lucky teapot / Rosemary K. Breckler ; artist: Adrian B. Frankel
Têt, the New Year / by Kim-Lan Tran ; illustrated by Mai Vo-Dinh
Angel child, dragon child / story by Michele Maria Surat ; pictures by Vo-Dinh Mai
Fly free! / Roseanne Thong ; illustrated by Eujin Kim Neilan
Always with you / written by Ruth Vander Zee ; illustrated by Ronald Himler
Long road to freedom : journey of the Hmong / by Linda Barrgrandfathersstorycloth
My name is San Ho / Jayne Pettit
Grandfather’s story cloth = Yawg daim paj ntaub dab neeg / written by Linda Gerdner and Sarah Langford ; illustrated by Stuart Loughridge
The Dragon Prince : stories and legends from Vietnam / Thich Nhat Hanh
The coconut monk / by Thich Nhat Hanh ; as told to Rachel Neumann ; illustrated by Vo-Dinh Mai
Under the rose apple tree / by Thich Nhat Hanh
Hush! : a Thai lullaby / by Minfong Ho ; pictures by Holly Meade
Kancil and the crocodiles : a tale from Malaysia / written by Noreha Yussof Day ; illustrated by Britta Teckentrup
Filipino children’s favorite stories / retold by Liana Romulo ; illustrated by Joanne De León
I hate English! / by Ellen Levine ; illustrated by Steve Björkman
A school like mine : a unique celebration of schools around the world / [written and edited by Penny Smith and Zahavit Shalev] (portraits of schools/ many countries)
The wise washerman : a folktale from Burma / Deborah L. Froese ; illustrated by Wang Kui
The caged birds of Phnom Penh / by Frederick Lipp ; illustrated by Ronald Himler
Angkat : the Cambodian Cinderella / written by Jewell Reinhart Coburn ; illustrated by Eddie Flotte
Dia’s story cloth / written by Dia Cha ; stitched by Chue and Nhia Thao Cha ; compendium by Joyce Herold
Jouanah, a Hmong Cinderella / adapted by Jewell Reinhart Coburn with Tzexa Cherta Lee ; illustrated by Ann Sibley O’Brien
Nine-in-one, Grr! Grr! : a folktale from the Hmong people of Laos / told by Blia Xiong ; adapted by Cathy Spagnoli; illustrated by Nancy Hom
Horse song : the Naadam of Mongolia / Ted and Betsy Lewin
The Khan’s daughter : a Mongolian folktale / by Laurence Yep ; illustrated by Jean and Mou-Sien journeyTseng
The boy who swallowed snakes / by Laurence Yep ; illustrated by Jean and Mou-Sien Tsengyoon