Frog and Toad are Back!

In The Frogs and Toads all Sang, Adrianne Lobel, daughter of Caldecott medalist, Arnold Lobel (1933-1987), brings to light recently- discovered poems about Frog and Toad in lighthearted, carefree watercolor splashes.  Watch a video here of Ms. Lobel discussing the inspiration for this book.

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The poems, handmade as personal gift books for  friends,  were found in an estate sale by a collector of children’s picture books and donated to Adrianne Lobel. The poems and sketches of “Frog and Toad” were written in the sixties, prior to Lobel’s famous Frog and Toad series, and represent his first conception of the beloved characters so many of us fondly remember. Adrianne Lobel attempts to recreate her father’s sketches of Frog and Toad in this book while adding her own special touch.

These fun and silly poems of tadpole curricula at “Polliwog School” or fast-driving frogs who don’t stop for redlights, wear fur coats, dance in the streets, and jump to the moon are sure to lighten any mood. Encore! Encore!


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