Fold in, Fold out, Fold off! Taking Picture Books to Another Dimension

Stretch it out or shape it into a circle big enough to sit in! Panorama: a Foldout Book written by French authors, Fani Marceau and Joelle Jolivet, invites readers to explore the globe through detailed pictures which can be read in book format or folded out into a circle or any other shape. Sit outside the circle and explore countries throughout the World where it is daytime and then hop in the circle and explore these same lands where night has fallen. 

The reader begins their journey in a city where a fellow traveler beckons the reader to “Come take a tour around the world! Come have a great adventure!”  (Marceau & Jolivet). From the city, the reader starts their journey through the Ganges River Delta in Bangladesh and takes in the sights and sounds, captured in each detailed picture, through their trek across the Adrar Desert, the Andes Mountains, the Scottish Highlands, the Bosporus in Turkey, the Carpathian Mountains, and on and on towards wherever each foldout page takes them.   When the reader reaches what appears to be the end of the book,  their journey does not end but leads them back home where the night offers different sights and sounds of each region passed through.         
                                  “Night Falls, it’s time to go home.
                                   In the dark, what is different? (Marceau & Jolivet).
While the text is sparce, there are so many new delights to discover on every page with each new view. Many stories from across the World emerge from the beautifully illustrated pictures. So fold in! fold out! fold off! and let yourself explore a whole new dimension in picture book art.


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