Student of the Semester

Farrah Vise Galligan, native of Heflin, Alabama, is the 2009 Library’s Education Student of the Fall Semester. Ms. Galligan, made an “A” in Dr. Staub’s Research in Education (EFD 500) class, one of the most challenging classes in graduate education. Ms. Galligan was a dedicated patron of the 5th floor during the fall semester. In fact, Ms. Galligan studied so much on the 5th floor that she told me she actually answered a reference question one day when I was  not on  the floor.

For her research topic, Ms. Galligan chose a topic dear to her heart- the effect of the No Child Left Behind Act on the humanities, particularly history curricula. Ms. Galligan found that due to the emphasis of the No Child Left Behind Act on reading and math, subjects such as history, art, and music are being sorely neglected. As a strong proponent of the humanities as an important part of school curricula, I enjoyed discussing this topic with Ms. Galligan.

Congratulations to Ms. Galligan for her hard work and dedication in EFD 500 and for her efficient and effective use of library resources.


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