Library Displays: September

SDC12595September’s display features an array of work from JSU art students. Included among the pieces are cyanotypes, graphic designs, and printmaking.

"The Duality of Photsynthesis" by Anna Jacob

"The Duality of Photosynthesis" by Anna Jacob

Cyanotype, I discovered, is a photographic printing process. For an explanation and history of cyanotypes, see Mike Ware’s Alternative Photography Web site.  Also, see this YouTube video by Anthony Maddaloni on how to make cyanotype prints.

"Haiku Book" by Anna Jacob

"Haiku Book" by Anna Jacob"


"Fashionable History" by Heather Miller

"Fashionable History" by Heather Miller

SDC12600For the circulation entrance, library staff created a display on JSU history and facts. Check out the library’s digital collections page to access past issues of the student newspaper,  The First 100 Years:  The History of Jacksonville State University, 1883-1983 by Effie Sawyer, the Life and Times of Houston Cole (for whom the library is named), and other resources such as the “Oral History Collection” conducted by students in an American History class.


Library Coffee Shop in Full Swing!

SDC12605Ah! How sweet coffee tastes! Lovelier than a thousand kisses, sweeter far than muscatel wine! -“Coffee Cantata”, J.S. Bach

The coffee shop appears to be a big hit with students, faculty, staff, and ME! I love Jazzman’s Cafe & Bakery, the new coffee shop in the Houston Cole Library. Karen, the lady in charge of setting up shop in the morning and my new favorite friend when I’m ready for my coffee, told me that business was really starting to take off.SDC12608

As I came in to work this morning, I thought I would stop and get a cup of coffee real quick, but there was a huge line of students. Later, I came down and got my usual (I already have a usual); a supreme-sized hazelnut coffee. It smells and tastes great. I have tried their blueberry and mocha cappuccino muffins which were to die for.  Today, I might try one of their sandwiches or salads for lunch.SDC12592

It’s great to see students discussing their classwork  or working on their laptops over cups of coffee and hot chocolate.  Since the coffee shop and bakery are in the lobby, the first thing our patrons now encounter is a pleasant, inviting smell. Who doesn’t like the smell of coffee and pastries?  Personally, I think coffee and research belong together.SDC12603SDC12609SDC12594SDC12599