Weaver’s First Baptist Church Members Visit the Houston Cole Library

weaver1Members of Weaver’s First Baptist Church came to the Houston Cole Library with Dr. Jordan Barkley today for a field trip. For many of the members, JSU is their Alma Mater and they enjoyed reminiscing about their good ole’ college days. weaver8

One member told us how, as a freshman, she was forced to wear a red hat and pajamas and run down to the  Jacksonville Square. Incoming students- you better feel lucky that times have changed! Another alumna complained that JSU didn’t gain university status until the year AFTER she graduated. I discovered that  JSU’s status changed from “college” to “university” when we started offering our first master’s degree in elementary education. Mrs. Easterwood (I hope I got that right) was delighted to find her son in a copy of the Mimosa Yearbook. weaver20

Other members remembered going to drive-in movie theaters (there were at least two nearby) and eating at the Rocket, Cecils, and a hot dog place of some sort. One of the members remembers using the library at Ramona Woods. I really enjoyed showing the group around and they were very gracious as I am an awful tour guide. weaver7

The group had several good questions for Library Dean John Graham. One member asked him why he didn’t have grey hair since most Dean’s tend to look…well…you know. The Dean seemed flattered but assured the group that he did have at least one grey hair. The Dean also wanted the members to know that the library is also a part of their community and that they are welcome to use our resources and encouraged them to become “Friends of the Library,” which, among other privileges, allows one who joins to check out books. Mrs. Renea Chapman, we are proud to announce, became a Friends of the Houston Cole Library Member right on the spot! weaver13

Although a little rowdy at first, they behaved well out on the 12th floor balcony. We hope the members of Weaver’s First Baptist Church will bless us with their presence again soon, especially when we get our coffee shop up and running!weaver3weaver4weaver2weaver17weaver14


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