Panoramic View from the 12th Floor Balcony of the HCL Library


The Houston Cole Library
The Houston Cole Library


A circulating library in a town is as an evergreen tree of diabolical knowledge! It blossoms through the year!
~Richard Brainsley Sheridan

Enjoy more sunny pictures I took today from the 12th floor balcony of the Houston Cole Library. We once had a fundraiser “Red Wine & Chocolate” up here to raise money for the American Heart Association. It was so nice to enjoy the breeze out on the balcony and look at the stars at night. I hope we do it again! The view of Jacksonville is truly amazing on all sides. It sort of reminds me of Athens in Greece. SDC12339SDC12338
 SDC12347SDC12346SDC12345SDC12343SDC12342SDC12341SDC12353 SDC12356SDC12377 SDC12378SDC12375SDC12379SDC12372SDC12360SDC12357  SDC12362SDC12388SDC12367SDC12365SDC12364SDC12385SDC12387SDC12384SDC12382SDC12363SDC12350SDC12349SDC12348SDC12393SDC12396SDC12395SDC12381SDC12408SDC12417SDC12413SDC12412SDC12398SDC12383SDC12392SDC12418SDC12404SDC12402SDC12400SDC12420SDC12405





HCL library: taking pics from top

HCL library: taking pics from topHCL Library: looking up


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