Coming Soon to the Houston Cole Library: A Coffee Shop/ Cafe!

coffeeeThere’s nothing like a cup of coffee as  motivation while doing scholarly research. Coffee, books, and research just seem to go together. Much to our excitement, students and faculty will soon (the estimated date of operation is fall semester) enjoy a full coffee shop/ cafe in the lobby of the Houston Cole Library. I’ve sort of seen a rough draft of the layout of the coffee shop and it’s going to be a great place to come for lunch, read, meet with your study partners, fellow faculty & staff members, and enjoy coffee, desserts, and sandwhiches. I will be taking weekly pictures of the progress this summer and posting them on the blog. This week they removed most of the furniture from the lobby (see below). The carpet will also be removed for tile flooring.  SDC12326SDC12325SDC12324


2 thoughts on “Coming Soon to the Houston Cole Library: A Coffee Shop/ Cafe!

  1. Wow!! This will be way cool. I will now have a new favorite place while on campus. Great idea for students as well. I’ll let my August class know about this.

    • I think it will be great for everyone. You can do your e-commerce research over a cup of coffee. Hope it will be your new favorite place!

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