California School Books Going Digital

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to lighten the backpack loads of school children by “phasing out school textbooks” for digital ones. Read all about “California School Books Going Digital” from Google News (AFP). 

Not sure what to think about this one. The students’  backs might suffer less from not having to lug around those huge textbooks but are their poor eyes going to explode from reading large portions
of text from a screen? If I were a kid, I would pray the power would go out so I would have an excuse to skip my homework. Maybe they should create little textbooks they can read for free in Second Life and then they can even cut out the school buildings and save a  whole

My dog, George, thinks it's a great idea.

My dog, George, thinks it's a great idea.

lot of money.

Sarcasm aside, maybe it is a good idea. Get rid of those huge textbooks and make more room in the students’  backpacks for books from the library! Hey, now there’s an idea…provided books are still being purchased for school libraries.


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