From “no guns” to “no hugs?”

Wow. I heard  a story on this morning’s The Today Show which seems rather disturbing. You hear so much about school violence and school bullying and then you hear that some schools are officially banning hugs. HUGS? Banning hugs?  Apparently, the new “high five” greeting has become the “hug” among today’s youth and some schools are reacting with heavy-handed policies.  Read about the story from the The Today Show website.

According to the news report, Amy Best, a sociologist at George Mason University, explores some of the reasons for this new form of teen affection. I suppose the schools’ concerns deal mostly with inappropriate touching issues.  However, greeting gestures change throughout time and across cultures.  At one time, a kiss on the cheek for a lady was an appropriate gesture. In some cultures, gregarious hugs are the warm way of  saying “how you doing, buddy?”  Today’s youth generation, from what I have observed, do seem to be more apt to hug and cling to each other than my generation which was cool, cold, and rather untouchable. When you hear so much about school violence, I kind of like to hear about teens being kind towards each other, especially boys. I think the “risks” of hugging in school are outweighed by the positives. Are we witnessing the rise of a new generation of  peace  loving, caring hipsters? That would be cool. I say “hug on!” birthdaybasher3


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