Research Tip of the Day: Limiting a Search to Specific Research Methodologies

Help! Where's the dang librarian?

Help! Where's the dang librarian?

“Help!!! I can’t find an “empirical” research article!  Okay, so you are in a research class and you are freaking out because you have been asked to find DIFFERENT types of research methodologies and evalutate them. You have no problem finding research articles but you can’t tell what type of methodology was used. 

Good news! Try using our database PsychInfo. From the library home page, click on “Find Articles” and click on databases “by title” and choose PsychInfo. There is a section under the search box labled “methodology” where you can limit your search to a particular type of method such as a, case study, experimental study, empirical study, replication, longitudinal, followup, retrospective, literature review (yes, this can be used as a research method), meta analysis, qualitative, and quantitative.  Limit your search to the type of methodology you need, type in your keywords, and hit search. This is an easy way of locating specific types of research articles. Unfortunately, this option for limiting your search to a specific methodology is not available in ERIC or Education Full Text, but use these as examples so you will have something to go by when trying to figure out what type of methodology was used. Also, PsychInfo does index education journals.


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