What I plan on reading next from my floor…

Next up in my book queue is How Lincoln learned to Read: Twelve Great Americans and the Educations that Made Them by Daniel Wolff.linolcn


2 thoughts on “What I plan on reading next from my floor…

  1. Thank you, Mr. Wolff. I will definitely add a new post with a review once I am finished. The reviews I read on Amazon were great and this book sounds so interesting.

    I like to say that my husband, who is a construction worker, has a PBS education. I say this because he seems to know about everything. When I ask him how he knows about such and such, he always tells me he heard about the topic from a documentary on PBS. I think he should get a diploma from PBS. He grew up in a very rural area and did not have many educational opportunites but has been watching PBS since there has been a PBS (it was founded in 1969 when he was fifteen).

    I can’t wait to read your section on Elvis Presley. I’m finishing up Origins of the Specious by Patricia T. O’Conner and will start yours tonight!

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